Remote connection and desktop sharing with Ammyy Admin

We suggest to use Ammyy Admin (currently only Microsoft Windows operating systems) to solve computer-related problems, when connecting with LU IT helpdesk. The principle is very easy: when you launch the program, you are given an ID and, if you choose to let other party connect to your desktop, you give this ID to the other party. And then you can synchronously solve computer-raleted problems, for example, about e-mail settings, configuration of IT services etc. This way, should you find it easy, we can specifically solve problems, being on the phone simultaneously, and practically imitating conditions as if we were at the same display.

Download Ammyy Admin 3.5 (746 KB)
More information on Ammyy website
Youtube video: how to use Ammyy Admin (English)


Client Server
Client and server each launches Ammyy Admin. Server gets the ID and gives it to the client. Client enters this ID into "Client ID/IP" field and chooses the connection speed.
Client clicks "Connect" to connect to server. The answer is now being expected.
  Server receives a request from client. The server chooses the options which will be allowed and clicks "Accept".
Client has connected to server and both can now share the desktop and functions which the server has permitted.
  The server clicks "Stop" if it chooses to interrupt the connection.
When the server has finished the maintenance, session is closed..