About e-mail servers of University of Latvia

This article explains LU e-mail servers.

Receiving. In e-mail client program set incoming server pophost.lanet.lv; your choice between IMAP and POP (but we suggest using IMAP). Then you provide username and password. It does not matter whether you are in LU network when trying to connect to LU e-mail server. May we remind that e-mail server must be configured in SSL mode.

Sending. The outgoing e-mail server of LU is mailhost.lanet.lv. You should be in LU network to be able to use this server. If you are not in LU network, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network). Thus, if you are abroad or are in Latvia in different corporate network and you need to use LU IT resources (incl. e-mail), you can have full access with VPN.

If you are working with LU e-mail using web interface webmails.lu.lv, there is no need for VPN.

Parameters for configuring LU e-mail


E-mail settings

LU e-mail system Google Mail
incoming IMAP e-mail server pophost.lanet.lv
SSL port 993
SSL port 993
incoming POP3 e-mail server pophost.lanet.lv
SSL port 995
SSL port 995
outgoing e-mail server ezis.lanet.lv
SSL port 465


ports 25
(only in LU network or using VPN)
SSL port 465
access LU e-mail system via web interface in browser in supported browser
webmails.lu.lv with LU username and password
in supported browser
gmail.lu.lv with LU username and password


www.gmail.com with LU username in form username@lu.lv and password