Reminder about problems of POP3 protocol

A little while agoe we had a discussion about differences between IMAP and POP3 protocols. We stay confident that IMAP is more elastic and suitable for contemporary use. And here we would like to make another statement about POP3 feature which would cause users to consider IMAP instead.

If user has configured more than one e-mail client program in POP3 mode and connect to LU e-mail server from those synchronously (simultaneously), protocol cannot ensure that they both do not conflict. Result may be loss of data in personal folders, and it cannot be fo foreseen.

Just to make things clear: POP3 protocol is not profihited from use with LU e-mail servers, but users must be sure that if they choose to use POP3 then it is used only from one location, otherwise (in case of data loss) LU IT department can not guarantee recovery of lost data. We strongly suggest that IMAP is used instead of POP3 since nowadays POP3 does not have any advantages.